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A Sporting event for Builders with a Cause


Shortly after 9/11, 2001, a number of local builders came together in the face of a National hardship and brought hope to their local community, and a new sport was born.  Today, in 2020, Castland Productions is reigniting this exciting event to take it to a whole new level. Check out the short video below about the first three Builder Bowl events!

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Builder bowl today

BUILDER BOWL is an exciting sport for Builders here in Colorado Springs! Builder Bowl is a project by Castland Productions to establish a legitimate, fun, exciting, and meaningful sport for builders. The sport involves a limited team (27) with only 11 working at one time to complete a small cottage, indoors, in only 8 hours! We are currently assembling the “Titans” team to represent Colorado Springs in an upcoming documentary on the sport.  


We are holding interviews and auditions to find the very best that Colorado Springs has to offer. THESE ARE PAID positions for practices & projects depending on talent and experience. In doing so, we also hope to address a number of important social issues affecting our society today. These issues include: the shortage of, yet the importance and rewards of trade careers; the need for quality, attractive, affordable housing for those priced out of the market; and enjoyable, well-paying careers & career training opportunities for all walks of life, including programs for the homeless and imprisoned.

The event is complete with rules, referees, media, live music, entertainment, cheerleaders, announcers, food and more! Plus, all involved have the satisfaction of knowing that proceeds from the events go to worthy causes, so there’s always a winner!


Contact us today, and schedule an interview to be a part of this exciting and meaningful project, or look into purchasing one of these amazing cottages!


  • Maximum of 27 player/athletes and 5 coaches per single team, are able to dress and be declared eligible 24 hours prior to event. No late substitutions allowed. All must wear official player/coach jerseys for identification during event

  • Maximum of 11 players/athletes on the playing field at any one time, with mandatory eligibility armbands. 3 substitutions are allowed during first 90 minutes, with 1 additional substitution every additional 30 minutes thereafter.

  • Coaches may not handle materials or perform any labor related activity without eligibility armband.

  • All materials must be in their "usual and customary" standard vendor delivered formats. (no precutting, marking, or customization)

  • No unsafe practices: i.e. - no running (3 step exemption), roofers tied off, no throwing of materials, proper tool handling etc.

  • No foul, inappropriate, or unsportsmanlike language, actions, or gestures.

  • Minimum 12 foot spectator safety boundary around entire house footprint (playing field) with BB approved barriers for playing field designation.

  • No production outside of designated playing field allowed without eligibility armband and prior BB approval.

  • Players/athletes may perform more than one trade or function.

  • Pre-event approval and authorization of any machinery needed (outside of standard power tools) for labor discount considerations.

  • Pre-event approval and authorization needed for all non conventional construction practices and techniques.

  • Once construction officially begins, there is no stopping the clock. (unless extra-ordinary circumstances occur and time stoppage is approved by a BB official prior to or during event)

  • Required inspectors and/or engineers (referees) must be on site at all times to give quality control inspections, approvals and sign offs during entire construction process.

  • Penalties: Referee to make final decision on accountability and severity of any rule infringement.

  • Penalty shall be enforced upon the player causing the infraction. If a coach is penalized, the referee chooses an active player to lose their eligibility armband for the duration of penalty.

  • Penalties period durations (in minutes):   Minor: 5-10   Major: 20 

  • Coaches and players are encouraged to be available for media during event.

  • Players and coaches and all involved during the event, must be continuously mindful to enjoy themselves and have fun at all times, because their efforts are deeply appreciated!


Current Record:

Double Team

*11 hours 36 minutes (2003)

Gunnison, Colorado :

​1183 s.f 3br / 2ba & 96 s.f covered porch

*(w/ crane)

* Houses and events differ in their scope of work and difficulty. Official records are determined by BB committee on an individual basis.

Making of the Trophy

Check out our recent inteview on ABC's KRDO Radio Station!

Builder Bowl 2020 - Planning

Builder Bowl 2020 - 



“One hour and the walls are up! I’ve never been on something like this! … This is a big day! …This is happening so quick! …It shows we can bring together the community and really make a difference –   in one day!”


Paul J./ Gazette   Director /Habitat for Humanity


 “… it was a huge success … hope you will consider doing it again next year. May God bless you, your firm and all who participated.”


Ted C.  Builder and BB Coach


“Talk about exciting!… And exciting it was! We not only finished a house but received excellent publicity in the community!…. this event was most encouraging to our board of directors. To be a part of such a huge successful project and see it come to fruition….”


Barbara P. President /Habitat for Humanity


 “The BuilderBowl Miracle! ...It was a day of great theater- more fun than a circus and with more lasting results!…. The media loved it- and covered it well! …The genius of BuilderBowl is this- Americans love a contest, and casting the house build as an athletic event creates the kind of spectacle that people want to be a part of. It lifts up the tradesmen, the “athletes”, who are the too often forgotten engines of productivity.”


David S. National Affordable Housing Advocate and BB referee


“When I saw the first walls being lifted, I couldn’t believe it! … Is it real? ... I mean they did it so fast!; … it’s just amazing how fast everything was going! ... It was just amazing how many people came out here!”


Brenda G.  BB Volunteer


“I am happy, happy! All I could say was ‘Thank you’, … because this is real! …I haven’t seen anything like this! … I hope to see many more!… my heart goes out to everyone who came out to help…. Just – Thanks! …”


Melissa C. - charitable beneficiary

Click below to read two great letters from participants of the very first Builder Bowl! 

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